my crazy, so called, LA life

<aka: somebody stop the world I want off!

27 July 1977
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First off, i'ma newly wedded woman to a fabu guy here inthe city of angeles!!

I love you ELIAS!!!!

I'm a creative midwestern transplant who used to be a very
prudish girl who has discovered who she really is..
skin, I used to live in a covent Long live ex-nuns!!!!
I'm cute/funny/sweet and super peppy!~ Dark hair, blue
eyes. Some of my Freinds have nicknamed me Karen from Will
and Grace...because of the number of gay friends I have
I'm a great matchmaker.. ask any of my freinds i've set
up... :-P
I am creative~ writing a script currently just to prove to
myself I can.
Pet Peeves: boys who cheat, drug heads, backstabbers,
people who cut in lines, anyone who thinks I'm fat, people
who assume I'm as fragile as a piece of glass or a china
doll, cause I can beat you up!

Oh update: I'm also known as Lia

According to my friends I'm a firehouse..a mix between good
girl and bad, with a dash of enegry and poise. According to ex boyfriends, I'm a minx, half sex kitten, half angel with a twist of funky wicked fun in there.

I'm also a painter.. I've sold about 5 pieces of my work and It can only get better, I also bartend for ertioc art showings for tips and do pretty well with that.